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The Institution of Engineers (India)-Bahrain Chapter

IEI Examinations

The Institution of Engineers India (IEI) is providing an opportunity and a path for career enrichment and developing professional qualification for those interested. W

Towards the above goal the IEI conducts the Institutions Section A and B examinations twice a year in the months of June (Summer) and December (Winter). The Bahrain Chapter of the IEI helps those who want to take up these examinations by organising a local exam centre in Bahrain. The Indian Embassy in Bahrain is kind enough to permit us to use their facilities for conducting these examinations.

A panel of qualified and experienced invigilators under the guidance of an officer in charge of the examination assists in the smooth conduct of these examinations.

About 25 candidates write these examinations every year from our centre, and candidates from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also make use this facility offered in Bahrain by us.

Many candidates have made use of this facility and have completed the section A and Section B of the examinations, which is recognised by the Government of India as equivalent to Bachelors degree in Engineering. Interested candidates may visit www.ieindia.info for details.

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